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Vikas Sharma MD Comments For Samuel Hahnemann ESR varicele founder of homeopathy ESR varicele single most driving reason to develop homeopathy was to have a system that was completely harmless and gentle.

The homeopathic treatment of diseases like ESR varicele veins, which otherwise would require surgery, stand testimony to what Hahnemann preached and established. A tromboflebitei practica tratamentului study done in Germany on 62 patients suffering from varicose veins about a decade ago proved the high efficacy of this system in treating this problem.

When the blood moves back from the organs to the heart, it is carried by a network of vessels called veins. ESR varicele are thin-walled vessels compared to the arteries vessels that take blood from the heart to the various organs.

Veins contain one-way valves every few inches to prevent the blood flowing back due to gravity. It is when these valves become weak that the blood starts pooling in the veins. Veins ESR varicele become dilated widened ESR varicele twisted, and are called varicose. Any vein may become varicose, but the veins most commonly affected are those in the legs and feet.

Another condition similar to varicose veins is ESR varicele veins. They occur mostly on legs and at times can be found on the face too. For many people, varicose veins and spider veins are diseases of cosmetic concern only. But for others it can be more than just a cosmetic problem; symptoms commonly found in those suffering from varicose veins are pain, achiness, heaviness, burning, throbbing, muscle cramping and swelling in lower ESR varicele. Sitting and standing for a long ESR varicele tends to increase all the symptoms.

Veins appear as enlarged, snake-like, blue veins and are most easily seen under the skin while standing. Itching may be present around the enlarged veins. Skin ulcers at ankle, whenever present, indicate a sever form of varicose veins. Though each case of varicose veins represents itself as an individual one and needs to be treated accordingly, homoeopathic medicines Calcarea flour and Acid flour stand at the top of the table for treating ESR varicele veins.

Calcarea flour not only clears the symptoms but also eradicates the tendency for developing varicose veins. Calcarea Iodatum works extremely well for ulcers ESR varicele varicose veins. Hamemelis and ESR varicele are indicated when there is acute inflammation in the veins often called phlebitis. This feature authored by Dr. Vikas Sharma was earlier published in The Tribune north India?

Vikas Sharma is regular Homeopathic columnist for The Tribune. You can mail him at vikas drhomeo. I am 59 years old male and suffering varicose vein on the lower part of my both legs since ESR varicele Kindly suggest me some Homeopathy medicine for the same.

Dear sir how to select potency,dose repetation in day,effect of dose in differant patient. I have varicose veins and was diagnosed as having CVI. There are days when I feel like a tight sensation and soreness behind knees and other ESR varicele on inner thighs. Please advise on treatment for the same. I ESR varicele 41years old, I am suffering from ESR varicele veins since six years.

Three day back I found ulcer on my right leg. I HAVE TWO PROBLEMS: I AM 64 YEAR MALE HAVING 1 VARICOSE VEIN ON THE LOWER PART OF MY BOTH LEGS AND 2 EACHING ON THE WHOLE BODY, KINDLY SUGGEST SOME HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE. My age is 31 am married have promleb in prolong standing and n much walking sometimes due 2spider veins please tell me to cure it get well.

Sometimes d pain is un bear able help me. ASD hole in heart and 2. Vericos Veins von antibiotice pentru tratamentul ulcerelor piciorului venos dieser my left leg which leads to heaviness in my leg.

Любые экскурсии в Паттайя. Индивидуальные трансферы по Таиланду От тайской тур фирмы Русалочка. Все описания экскурсий, цены и фотографии можно посмотреть по ссылке ESR varicele в Тайланде WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Telegram: Sir i have been suffering from vericouse vains from last three year. I am having my treatment from ESR varicele vellore.

I am ESR varicele red moles in my chest and upper forearm. Kindly suggest me some homeopathy medicine to remove the same permanently. Hello sir facing vericose veins prob in legs. I am 38 yrs old i am suffering from vericose veins from last 3year their will lot of pain both legs but in the right leg it is more and the both ankel i ESR varicele consult and took treatment in hyderabad to alopathic doctor and homeopathic also but i am not having any relief in alopathic doctor told me you have to go surgery but i dont.

ESR varicele everyoneIs anyone of u fully recovered from varicocele from the medicines provided my drhomeo??? Please reply me or sent ESR varicele a mail. Yes ESR varicele am going through varicos pain and spider pain trying to find out what can i do in the mean time for this problem.

Dear Sir, My wife 37 yrs suffering from varicose veins in both legs. Left leg is recently laser ESR varicele. Kindly please suggest us the homeopathy treatment for this. My father Mr Sovon Mukherjee Age — 73 is ESR varicele from vericose vein from long time and we went to multiple doctors for his treatment. What they said it is too late for surgery click veins of his leg is too weak and if surgery happens, probably veins will not connected and back to its original shape again.

From last few months we are having homeopathic treatment for him which is not very fruitful as I believe not much improvements is there. Due to swelling, he cant even wear the stockings also. Dear Sir, I am 51 years, male from Marathally, bangalore. I am suffering varicose veins wound in the left leg ankle, it was ESR varicele almost with medical treatment. But ESR varicele it is not cured still i have burning sensation and ESR varicele in the wound.

Can i cure it without surgery in Homeopathy treatment? I have no sugar complaint or any other decease quiet healthy 93 kgs weight, tall body strucure. I am staying in Mysore and suffering from varicose veins. Please suggest me the remedial measures and whom to be consulted nearby Mysore. My mother has a painful vericose vain.


Sir I am 30years old male. I have problem in my veins. Sir, my mother left leg varicoveins problem last 6yrs,but 3yrs ulcer type wound which cannot heal. I have vericose hurting and bulged veins over my penis which are green in color. I feel myself in a very bad condition. Hello doctor my daughter aged26 yrs complains of her feet paining. She works in si picioarelor bine dureri la varice nivelul mai de este airline.

Bedides taking cal fkr 6x three times a day can she take hamamelis 6x? My mother aged 75 years ESR varicele for varicose ulcer in both legs.

Its very difficult for her to ESR varicele alSo. I tried calcarea carbonica ch6. Sir I am suffering varico cell left testicle last few years. Sir mere left testicle m ESR varicele h aur 2 months ho gaye h halka halka dard h left side m left testicle m veins m swelling h plz koi ilaz btaye. Sir namaskar Meri wife ko pregnancy ke bad vericose veans ka problem ho gaya Verlangen vindecarea ulcerelor venoase halte month se pair ka nus nila dikha hai talwa or pair me tataine or dard bahut bad gaya hai jayada chalne par problem bad jata hai dard se bechain ho jati hai kuch dava bata de ki aaram ho jaye.

Sharma Hello I have varicocele in scrotum. Im suffering badly with pain. Now my life all is getting effected as I can sit or stand long. I am not mentally prepared to ESR varicele any ultra sound or any surgical treatment. Just looked at your homeopathy ESR varicele would like to know and do the treatment from your homoepathy if ESR varicele works for me.

Kindly reply me back ESR varicele that I will be able to start your treatment and avoid allopathy treatment. This is Altaf from America and I am reading your study and web, ESR varicele really appreciate you and salute your services for human beings.

I have problem in left testicle paining and swelling and little in about 1 year. USS REPORTS OK JUST SWELLING AND SHIFT IN. Is there cure for the same in your system of treatment? If so, kindly let me know. I am from KOLKATA. Thank you, Mahtabuddin Ahmad 57 yrs. Sir I had drug addiction spasmo proxivan before 5 years. But i ESR varicele get rid ESR varicele tis.

I m about 56 years old, my problems as my both legs and both hand effected with suspected atherosclerotic vascular disease in lower limbs. Feeling since which showing my recent CT ANGIOGRAPHY report: Mild atherosclerotic viscular disease involving the right ESR varicele artery ESR varicele bilateral anterior tibial arteries: Bilateral superficial femoral arteries as well as external illiac arteries are well patent.

Doctor I am 25 year old. I have varicocele grade 3 in my left testicle from last 7 years…. I have taken homeopathy medicines for like 3 month. I am also use stocking but my veins more swelling. I have varocele grade 2 but count is good. Hello, sir mera name Ankush yadav h m 22 saal ESR varicele hu mere right leg m Vericose Veins h Jo bachpan se hpahle isme pain nhi hota tha lekin ab hone lag gya. Mne Doctor ko ESR varicele dikhaya lekin doctor n ESR varicele btaya h.

Please muje koi treatment btaye taki. Sir I have working police department I have vericose veins in right leg foot i have pain in nerves elasticity.

Hello sir my name is pandiyan. I am vericorse problem in last one year. I am diabetic patient. I have this verico vein problem since five years. I went for doppler test looking at which doc suggested for surgery to both the legs.

Sharma Hello I am having pain in my both the legs ESR varicele the knees and went doctor he examined that I should do Doppler Venicose ultra sound where they will find why this pain happens. Waiting for your reply thanking you sincerely yours Neeru Vashishth my contact nos is I have varicocele in scrotum.

Please give me the dosage for Hamamelis fluoric acid 30th ESR varicele. This medicine given by ESR varicele homeo doctor. I miss the prescription. Iam 41 yrs age with varicose vein. Great Men Like Dr P Sharath Chandra recommend Yoga ESR varicele like Sarvangasana and Sirshasana for Varicose Veins.

If it is severe and needs immediate relief, last resort for varicose veins will be non surgical laser treatment which can provide relief in one day. My father 71 years old, hypertension, benign prostate hypertrophy was diagnosed recently with varicose veins in his bladder due to his hematuria. He was treated with antibiotics but symptoms return. ESR varicele was wondering if you ESR varicele suggest any homeopathic remedy ESR varicele stop bleeding.

Mera penis jara si porn movie dekhte hi khada ho jata hai or apne aap hi chip ESR varicele pani nikal jata hai ab to night fall bhi jyada hone laga hai.

Pata nahi kyu fir bhi sex karne ka maan karta hai mein bahut depressd hu koi treatment bataye plz doctor. My father is a diabetic patients. Recently he have a leg pain and report says it is a blood circullation problem ESR varicele his leg. Kindly suggest any treatment to recover this problm. His ESR varicele is 65 years. Dear Sir I am severely affected by varicose problem vein in both legs.

More than 20 ESR varicele in veins. Allopathy doctors recognized to surgery. Can it curable with out surgery in any one of the treatment.

I am 73 years old. Normal height ESR varicele weight. Normal BP and no Diabetes. Have varicose veins on both legs. Now developed swelling on both ankles which disappear if I lie down or put feet up. Also have dry eczema around both ankles which move down to feet also. Itching is rare but feel burning ESR varicele. Sir you ESR varicele us the best solution to remove vericose vein without surgery.

I have varicose veins from a pregnancy it is blue on my feet and bottom it ESR varicele spread to the top of my leg so painful ESR varicele I sit or stand and has made my leg extremely sore and caused very heavy ESR varicele what should I do. SIR, I HAVE BEEN OPERATED FOR VARICOSE VENOUS ULCER ON RIGHT LEG NEAR MALLEOLUS PART. I HAVE PHLEBITIS PROBLEM ALSO BEFORE SURGERY.

WHAT I HAVE DO AFTER ESR varicele AND I WEAR ESR varicele STOCKINGS EVERY DAY. I have varicose veins on both legs, with ESR varicele varicosity more prominent on my left leg. It started about 28 years back and i am presently 52 yrs old. I have got click the following article doppler test done and ESR varicele is no deep vein thrombosis.

Dear ESR varicele, My wife is hvaing the variocose vain in her calf. Pleasae ESR varicele and guide. Hi doktor my name is Nargiza I had varikoz veni since Can you give me same advice for me.

I had two kids ESR varicele I ESR varicele one more. But I had varikoz veni what I varice esofagiene și ciroză to do. CAN YOU help me please. My age is If i stand the leg is paining, the leg has the problem of varicose vein.

Before going to any surgery i want to reduce this skin infection and same showing very ugly in the leg. Kindly advice whether homeopathy will help in curing this problem. Hello sir i m 32 years old n i hv so mch hard glands in my whole body ESR varicele 50 to 60 smll n big ESR varicele i cure this glands plz help no pain in ESR varicele someone suggest me for calcaria flor6x i tk this medi but nt regularly Plz help me to hw to take medi.

Sharma I am 70 y old and having varicose veins in both the legs but more prominent in right leg. My wife 68 y old has also developed spider veins. In my case I have osteoarthritis with acute pain in ESR varicele right knee. I am 67 years old. I am having problem of vericose veins and would like to have treatment for the ESR varicele. Also suffering from acute leg pain due to osteoprorsis.

Please guide me regarding homeopathic treatment. Dear Sir, I have Varicose veins on both my legs which are really painful. It seems to be spreading on my feet too. My ankled look black. I am a diabetic and am on insulin plus metormin. Lately ,I came across a medicine R 42 for varicose veins homeopathic. Can I take these drops with my allopathy? Wow, I ESR varicele you will be a great OB. It seems like you have a real love for children, filemais, and people in general.

Sad to say that those qualities are rare traits in todays world. I believe not just anyone should be in ESR varicele any job because you could be in ESR varicele job that you hate and end up making everyone who comes in contact with you at work miserable. You have the joy and care to be great at your job and effect those you will be working around not only by your knowledgebut by your love for what you do.

Sampa, House Wife, Age. The pain was shifted from right leg to Left Leg, vis a vis. At present it persists on Left Foot only. The location of pain is at the frontal Top portion of left Foot excluding Toes and swelled at the bottom of this Left Foot instep curvature portion. At present this swelled portion has got pain. But when in rest there is no feeling of pain, just at the time of movement it struck.

Her all other test reports found almost normal, like Uric Acid, RA Factor, CRP, TSH, Haematology, Sugar and Vit-D ESR varicele on Colour Doppler test of Left Lower Limb, it is reported that 1 Sapheno Femoral Junction Incompetent.

Hence from this report Dr. He has referred the case to General Surgeon for ESR varicele treatment. But We seek ESR varicele Advice. I am 19 yr ESR varicele. Since days,There is a hard mass kind of formation on the left side of my scrotum n its paining and is very discomforting in any position,especially while standing. My name is Prashant. Recently I have met with a small accident and when I approached doctor there I have been informed that I have varicose veins and they have suggested me to wear stocking, which I am wearing daily.

I want to treat this varicose veins and I have not yet approached any doctor ESR varicele this. I ESR varicele to treat this through Homeopathy since it is harmless and can also be taken parallelly with allopathy. I am based in Hyderabad, so could you tell me the process to ESR varicele you for the consultation and how effective the homeopathy will be in treating varicose veins problems in my legs, I mean how much time does it take on average basis to treat this.

Sir, It is recently identified that I have extensive thrombus completely filling the lumen of short saphenous vein extending from the sapheno-popliteal junction up to the mid leg.

I have taken 10 heparin injections and continuing warf tab. Will it ESR varicele by this treatment or any other ESR varicele for this. I am wearing stockings. My father-in-law is ESR varicele from varicose vein problem from ESR varicele 3 years.

Is ESR varicele any remedy on varicose vein. Hi Sir I am Mayank, 21 yr old and suffering fron varicose veins link last 6 months. The doctors recommanded for surgery,which is not so successful. I want a permanent treatmet for it because i want running for physical test in cpo si. Is homeopath can do this…help me sir. Sir am 21 yr I am suffering from bulging varicose veins on my left leg from last 2 month I want instend treatment plz help me sir.

Am 24 years old…. My uncle was suffering from Vericose veins who is aged about 60 years. Please suggest good remedy that can be treated in home as he was not able to go hospital regularly. What could i do?

I have been ESR varicele checker grocery clerk for many years. I am 50yrs old and my ankles and this past yr I have noticed the change in COLOR of my skin around my ankles. The vericose vains are so bad. Is there anything I can do at home to keep from getting worse. My feet seem very dry and I massage them with coconut oil at night. Seems to feel better.

When im wearing my tennis shoes. My feet hurt when im barefoot for very long. Please help me if you can. I was developed three years back, day by day ESR varicele is more concerning to me. And I do have pains and un-comfortable. Currently I am using stockings but still I am suffering with pains. Hello sir, Suffering from varicose veins. It was operated once before 2 years but now again it has occured. What homoepathic treatment would you suggest for treating varicose veins?

I am from Bangalore and i have varicose veins from the past 2 years. Are you located in Bangalore if so please provide me your complete address. Else please suggest me some good homeopathic doctors in Bangalore whom you know personally and have treated varicose veins successfully. Please do the needful. I am sahil from last 10yrs i am suffering from vericose veins, started from left ESR varicele n from last 4yrs its has been followed on right, my height 6ft n weight is around ….

I am ESR varicele from vericose veines problem from last 6 months in left legs. Now i feel itching in left legs and lots of pain also hope you suggest better treatment. I am from Bangalore and i have varicose ESR varicele from the past years.

I have a varicose vein of blue color undereye right side. Is do me a favour please. I get severe leg paineven in night get disturbed sleep. I need homeopathic medicine. Will u please suggest me. My problem is varicose veins at my right leg. It is more than 4 years have you any treatment for this decease. I am 32 years old. I am from Bangladesh.

Is it possible to get a serial on Saturday or Sunday? Meantime ESR varicele completed my duplex study. I will come to you Saturday from Bangladesh. ESR varicele, doctor i need your advice, recenlty my father developed this problem.

Doctor adviced us initially ESR varicele use stacking and a laser tretment after 4 to 5 month. My father is a cadic paitent, had a paralics attack on left side of body he was able to walk on his own but now since he has got this ESR varicele on right his walking is stopped and done only walk in house. I came accross a ESR varicele machine for foot, is it advisably, also is there any way this can be treated without surgery.

ESR varicele am suffering from Varicose veins and collateral internal Hemorrhoids at the same time, because I feel much difficulty while excretion of waste from large intestine for the last five years due to which I began suffering from varicose veins.

It is pertinent to mention here that I have had a leproscopic surgery of Varicele an year ago. Kindly indicate any homeopathic medicine for both the problems. Some related study relating these two diseases are given below for your further observation. ESR varicele wife is suffering from varicose veins on her left legvfor last four years. Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicines. Hello, I have had varicose veins for years. I have used homeopathic remedies before, as well as herbs.

I have always used a combination formula, but would like to try a single remedy. My veins can really hurt ESR varicele, as well as bulge when I have to stand for a long period of time. I have cut out all wheat products in my diet, as well as dairy and sugar. Which remedy do you think would work the best? Thank you very much. DEAR SIR, I NEED SOME HELP IN SELF PROBLEM. I AM 67 YEAR OLD. THOUGH I ESR varicele TO KEEP FIT MYSELF.


PLEASE SUGGEST ME A HOMEOPATHIC OR HERBAL REMEDY. We have bilateral varicocele, right side grade 2 3, Left side grade 1With in right sided mild funiculitis n hydrocel, Please help me give me cure medicine homeopath, I take pain killer tablet 1 meftal forte 2 prothedien. My mother is suffering from ESR varicele vein ulcer from the last four to five years. Sometimes it heals and again it relapces. It is really painful ESR varicele blood is woozing from the ulcer.

My resident doctor has suggested with daily dressing and simultaneously ESR varicele and biopsy of the area has been done. But no such varicose veins seriousness has been observed. Results shows that there is venous deseases.

The varicose vein doctor as was suggested by my local resident doctor has alternatively thought of foaming. My question is that by homeopathy can this be treated?. My mother is 78 years old and is a sugar patient but normal. We stay at Kolkata. I am a patient of varicocele Left Testis. Is it possible ESR varicele cure it from root by Homeopathy Treatment?

I am suffering from much painful to swelling vein to in and out side in both hip joint to over masturbation. Hello sir, I am a 19 year ESR varicele from Nepal, Kathmandu. It all started 3 months ago. I have a grade 3 verecocele. An urologist ESR varicele me some pain killers and ESR varicele to which i am suffering from gastric and he suggested me to ESR varicele operated.

In my case it is something strange. I studied that though you have a verecocele you can masturbate or your penis grows or enlarges when you come into emotion. But in mine case only in the morning after i wake up my penis enlarges. And the size of the penis is bit smaller and rigid as compared to the one when i was continue reading. If i try to come into emotion and enlarge my penis than my penis does not enlarges,instead ESR varicele side of the penis the veins in between penis and testis grows big and it pains as well.

But ESR varicele says it may be due to stress as well. My husband has azoospermia. His reports showed normal hormonal level. His ultrasound was fine. Doctor could not help us dafГr varicele 2 grade testicul Beran, wanted to do TESE. But my husband denied to do that. So I have no option here. Although those reports are 8 yrs before. Sir could you help with your advice???

What kind of homeo ESR varicele are there to treat this rare infertility problem. I am so frustrated. I m 43yrs of age. I have a daughter 18 yes back but ESR varicele that I suffered azospermia. In FNAC report ESR varicele sperms seen. After treayment i go for semen analysis i got azospermia. Famous leelawati hospital doctor told me azospermia due to blockage in sperm vein and yur right testicle is fully blocked but left is slightly blocked and reason is vericosil.

I would be very thankful to hear about some homeopathy treatment for this disease! Can ESR varicele answer or not, plz. Further given below……… …. Sharma, I am 47 year old man working as banker. I am suffering from vericose veines problem in both legs ESR varicele to knees. Presently i feel itching in both legs and slight pain also. I play tennis but not regularly. I ESR varicele to take treatment urgently. I hope you suggest for better treatment. I have the problem of varicose vein at my both leg.

It first found in at back of the left leg knee. Then after day by day it spread to both legs. The varicose veins are itching Ciorapi pentru bărbați vene cumpăra mild burning some times.

Now I like to take treatment for the same for relief from varicose vein. I beg your kind ESR varicele. I am suffering from vericose veines problem in left leg. THANKS satyaprakash shrotriya us my report. LEFT LOWER LIMB VENOUS DOPPLER report TECHNIQUE Color Doppler of left lower limb veins was performed with high frequency MHz vascular probe using PHILIPS iU 22 premium Color Doppler ultrasound system.

OBSERVATIONS Left leg Deep Veins Common iliac vein external iliac Common femoris superficialfemoral vein popliteal vein ESR varicele normal flow and phasicity. Superficial veins There is mild to ESR varicele reflux in saphenofemoral junction and in long saphenous vein. Few superficial varicosities mm sized are ESR varicele along medial and anterolateral aspwct of the leg.

All are draining in LSV Sapheno —popliteal junction and short saphenous vein ESR varicele normal. Multiple superficial varicosities and incompetent perforators ESR varicele described.

I am 23 years old and I will suffering the every winter foot and legs swell in both foot fingers are very painfull in change ESR varicele cold to hot temperature why do ESR varicele problem in my body every winters and also my hands is pain and fingers are swell in painful what a reason sir plzzzz let me know sir plzzzz sir I live this life without this painful problem plzzz sir suggest me many doctors says me that is a poor blood circulation problem and this fully treatment in only homeopathy medical science plz.

Sir m wait ESR varicele reply. I am 43 yrs old and am having bulging veins front ESR varicele back side in lower link leg since one year. I have already been operated for varicose vein at appollo Hospital for my left leg i wore german socks for one year and stoppted wearing for another year the results more oosing of blood and itching and ESR varicele type of look of leg with lot of itching.

My sister got bluish veins such as spider veins and get swelling in feet and paresis skin become flash ESR varicele feel terrible difficulty in walking and this flashes ESR varicele up word. Dear sair Mera nam randhir kumar ESR varicele mai 19 Shal ka hu pair me vericos ven ka bimari hai mai patna se homeopathik ka dava 7 Mahine se kha rha hu ESR varicele thik nhi ho raha hai aap bataiye kaya karu. ESR varicele honestly do not want to have the surgery again so can you please advise me on what other solution there is to this on-going problem.

Looking for to your response. I am suffering from vericous veins which is small red in colour and some are black in colour and it is painful now a days. And iam ESR varicele staff nurse since 17 yrs sir pl suggest a solution please. I am 43 I have varicose veins painful under knee and lots of spider veins on legs.

There is nobody to hug me,I miss my husband so much. I have to like the person,some people are having different energy which even they hug but it is not good,can ESR varicele hug. My husband had very good calm energy.

I am suffering from Thrombosis of Vinus not verico for the last 3 years in the left foot pl let me know what treatment available in Homeopathy and any Homeopathy Doctor available in Hyderabad as I reside in Hyderabad who you know pl suggest, I will be grateful to you. I am weighing 75 kg. I have undergone treatment in alopathic as well ayurvedic but no improvement. I am also BP ESR varicele which is in controle.

Sir, I think I have problems with the vericose vein. ESR varicele leg above the ankle and surrounding is blue and black. I got ESR varicele when I fall and stone hurt to my leg since that time it is looking ESR varicele and black ESR varicele its growing. No pain at all. I am doing standing work. ESR varicele another legs ankle looking like spotted black and due to socks getting swollen. I am having vericocele since 7 years.

From last 8 months i am taking pullsitila and hememalis q. And appling hem in to vains also. But sir inflamation reduced.

Vericose vain size not reducing. Taking Vipera is safe and benefitial or not. Sir, mein pichale kai sallon se varicose veins ki problem se pidit hoon pichhale 6 sallon se mein homeopathy treatement le raha hoon par i have lot of pain and ESR varicele time mein explain nahi kar sakta etna pain hota hai to please mujhe bataye ki mein kya karoo. VARICOSE VEINS LEFT DUE TO SAPHENOFEMORAL AND POPLITEAL VALVE IN LOWER LIMB AND WEAHMESS IN RIGHT SAPHENOFEMORAL VALVE INCPMPETENCE ALSO SEEN IN LEFT LONG SAPHENOUS VEUNS VALVES.

Sir mere left leg me kafi tanao hai phat ta sa hai bilkul soun malum hota aur pain bhi hota hai pls give me some advise. I have vision problem due to my age and corrected by using spects. Now I am suffering from leg pains and am noticing my veins under the nee is thick and projected.

I am ESR varicele the disease of Varicose Veins since long years. My question is that whether ESR varicele is apt medicine for ESR varicele same in Homeopathy.

Respected Doctor, I live in Pune, Maharashtra. My wife has varicose veins on her right thigh, which is visible. She is a working woman, her age is 57 years.

After half an hour or so she says that she wants ESR varicele sit down for sometime. Again she resumes her work afterwards, though my support is ESR varicele there. Her weight is 70 Kilos. Are there any homeopathic medicines which can help her to reduce though it is not so serious ESR varicele present.

If medicines are available in pune which you can recommend or any other suggestions are welcome. Her haemoglobin is 5. Once bloody stool has happened on 12th july. Hello sir am rajesh from hyd suffering frm last 15 years I suffered a lot from ulcers and now there is no ulcers now on my left leg. And the problems is veins r turning Into curves and presently am having home medicine and I need a permanent solution very soon is it possible.

ESR varicele Dr Sharma I observed varicose vein around one year ago. I thought it would not cause any problem. Recently I feel pain especially i get up from bed or from long sitting. In fact, I prefer to take homeopathic treatment to other treatments. Please prescribe me a medicine and exercise that I need for my recovery. Hepatosplenomegaly with altered signal in periportal region ,dilated gall ESR varicele and spleen.

My wife Brenda from Germiston was suffering from a womb although she says she is feeling much better after she visited a Gyno but now she is suffering from veins and she says she can not stand too long because of the pain please help.

Sharma, I am having swelling in both of my legs,thighs,knees, for ESR varicele last two months and for the last week i noticed that swelling extented to sack of the testes and penis looks like hydrocil but no pain. ESR varicele am having angina for the last two years also.

Kindly advise some medicine to relieve the swellng. I am a 49 year old woman and it pains ESR varicele to say that I suffer from varicose vein on both ESR varicele. Varicose veins problem, has been operated once Dr.

Sharma, My both legs gets swollen if I sit in the chair for even two to three hours at a streach. My job requires me to sit in the chair for long hours in front of computer.

I do shift duties. I feel tired and have mild pain in legs. I also gets cramps in legs even in my sleep. Sir, I am from kolkata. I have problem of VaricoceleGrade-III, since Sirat the age of 15 in ESR varicele had a sexual contact with a boy.

Few days after the sexmany highly itching sore appeared on my scrotum,skin of penis and inner part of penis. To cure this disease I tried many doctors within 4 years but there was no effect of medicine, so please suggest cateter după brațul poate tromboflebită best way and place to treat this disease. I am from Samastipur district of Bihar.

My wife ages 65 has developed much weakness in the last 3 months. She has vericise veins in both the legs prominently more ESR varicele left leg.

But she feels tired if she walks for ESR varicele 15 ESR varicele or do work for quite some time. She fell 3 to 4 times in these 3 monthsmay be due leg getting folded suddenly. Kindly suggest a medicine which will bring her to normal activity and strength. Thanks for your service to humanity. ESR varicele Sir, I am suffering from varicose vain with pain and coldness in left leg and left hand. Due to obstructing blood ESR varicele, I am suffering pain in leg, headache, swelling in feet and low BP.

You are requested to ESR varicele medicine for open the artery and anti clotting to reduce pain and coldness. Im 27 yr old… having vericose veins in my rgt leg since 1 and half yr….

Earlier i use to stand ESR varicele to 3 hrs and dnt feel any problem bt nw i cnt stand for even half an hour. Cnt do walk for long.

I want to reduce my weight but my leg dnt support me…. Plz suggest me wat shud i do. And plz tell is it ESR varicele I am 37 yr old and suffering from varicose veins from last one years. My ankle got some blood spot. I would like to take Homeopathy treatment for this.

So, please guide me. Parvathi aged 58 is suffering from leg pain thigh and muscle below ankle every night around 10 P M previously and now in day time also. Last year vericose vein was seen on surface of legs and treated in ayurveda and they have disappeared or moved inside and got relief. Now pain has started again and now I intend to use Hemamalis Q for external use and Arnica 30 and Regwick R ESR varicele may be given medical suggestion to cure my wife. I am 51 years old and suffering from Venus varicose on lower left leg last four years.

I don,t want ESR varicele agree at the surgery. I trust that homeopathy will cure me on your advice. I am a teacher and am having varoicose vein problem for the last two years.

There is a swelling in the lower limb of the right leg. What medicine would you prescribe. Hi Dr Sharma I am 25 years old and have vericose venis on both my legs and that to worse and sumtime they burst while playing football the doctor had given me some medicine to drink trofice ulcere derinat și no effect still can u help plz.

One week back I have been instructed by an Homeopathy Pandit to smear the caster oil mixed with the asafoetida during night. First day I got some good response by this medication. But from the second day onwards, there is no such response. My ESR varicele and ankles will be in the normal size during morning raising time.

Gradually, both the ankles of the feet will be swollen. Like that at my bed time the swelling of the ankles ESR varicele be maximum. Again, they will be of normal size at the time of sunrise. Two months back I have been confirmed that I am having blood sugar. Now, it is controlled. It has been observed that my urine is yellowish in colour. So, Dear Doctor, I want to know whether this unhealthyness is due to blood sugar or vericosils or due to any other reasons like artho etc.

The above said Homeopathy Pandit has presecribed me the blood purifying, kidney and liver read more functioning syrups. As beneath the toe of my left foot is horrible, I have made this ESR varicele stating all the above facts, your kind advice or theropy if any. Is it affordabe by fainancial weaker section people like me? I was taking glycomyte mg. This is for your kind information and medical needful in this matter.

I purchased ESR varicele calc flour for ESR varicele varicose veins. What is ESR varicele amount that ESR varicele should ESR varicele and how long does it take to treat? My dad was suffering with DVT problem he got an wound because of it and suffering for past 2 yrs it is not ESR varicele well we tried with other doctors also but it remains in same. Iam suffering from varicose veins for 3 years.

Still iam sufferi ng from the same without any relief from any of the method ESR varicele. Please Give me some alternative ways how to cure this without under ESR varicele in some laser treatments. I want the natural way ESR varicele treatment or any medicine that can possibly take that is ESR varicele friendly… Please help me!!

My mom has barockes veins since 15 years ESR varicele has pain and heaviness and she cant walk it is becoming Worst day by day. Mereko last ten years say vericos veins problem by. Dear sir, I am 62 years old, go here suffering from vericose veins since 1 years.

On consulting to vescular surgoen, he suggested ESR varicele. Kindly tell me what may be the best homeopathic treatment. Please Doctor I have a spider veins on my legs It was cause as a result of long sitting on the chair. Pls do help me ESR varicele what ESR varicele remedy i can apply to heal this.

This is Sanjana from ESR varicele. My hubby has varicose veins in his left leg and is using stockings for past 4 yrs. He is 40 now. No other medical conditions. But for past months he has stopped using his stockings becoz of the summer. He sweats badly and using stockings irritates him. He gets small prickly boils on the area also. I want my hubby to be treated for this.

I am not interested in allopathy medications as they say that it ESR varicele lead to surgery and later side effects on ESR varicele part. And Plz suggest how to proceed with the treatment. I have veracocelle problem, my sperm count seems low, therefore i request you to let me know if you ESR varicele medicine which can enable me to try for a baby. Dear Doctor, I am 35 yrs old unmarried girl form delhi.

I have got ESR varicele problem of swelling and cramping in my lower feet and ankle. I wear stockings also. Any medicine in homeopathy will treat this. Pls suggest waiting for your kind reply. Now He is taking homeopathy medicies since last 4 years ESR varicele pain has ESR varicele for some time but more varicose veins are adding up.

He is staying in USa and his job is such that he has to stand for longer time and sits for sometime only. At home also as u ESR varicele In usa they have to work at home also. He is ESR varicele homeopathy medicine but no relief. Should he undergo surgery or advise please what should he do.

Thanking you in anticipation. I ESR varicele like to get in touch with you more on how to the remedy.

Thanks for ESR varicele good job. I am a type 2 diabetic,74 yrs ESR varicele all readings well controlled. However,at times,I do have small wounds on my lower legs. I walk about 30 miles weekly and use aloe Vera on the skin. They do heal but I wondered f calc flour etc might also help. Any help would be appreciated. Except surgery and medical help what ESR varicele remedies can cure varicose veins….

How to permanently get rid of this????? I have varicose veins. The last ESR varicele or more I have been having redness and itching on inside of ancle. I have tried ESR varicele variety if things. What do you recommend. ESR varicele am a bit scared now…also I have been wearing ancle support. I was doing good and it was going away. I live in Seattle.

Hello Sir, i ESR varicele 34 year old, my femure bones break in one accident opreation was done but after 6 months i have veins and muscle pain not reduce, how can we do. Hi Dr My mother is suffering on the varicose-veins problem and now it have developed ESR varicele wounds and She hardly sleep at night due the pain she feels please dr advise on what treatment ESR varicele can get for her.

I will behappy i can get assisted on this. Sumathi 45years is suffering ESR varicele varicose vein problem for past two years. These areas show a distinctive mixture of boil-like lumps, areas leaking pus, and scarring,which can be itchy, but usually painful, and the lumps hurt if they are pressed.

Aside from the pain and unpleasantness of the condition, it can also be embarrassing and ESR varicele, which can be difficult to treat, HS is a chronic condition ESR varicele is ESR varicele rather than cured and can unfortunately flare up again even after it has appeared to improve. I also have a very bad case of Varicose ESR varicele subcutaneous I had Foam Sclerotherapy done in Nov but am back to square 1 again.

My other problems are Insomnia, Excess Weight and syncope problem due to irregular beating of auricles and ventricles. Hello sir, My name is Pawan. I am 27 year old. I am suffering from varicose veins prblem on my right read more past 7 ESR varicele 10 years. While i am standing for hour i am getting pain.

Could you please suggest of any homeo pathic ESR varicele which can completely cure. I am 43 years old and having two children.

My mother is having the varicose vein problem. So I am also having varicose veins for 10 years. I have had the ESR varicele out veins surgery in on my left leg and using compressed stockings from feet to below the knee for both the legs I am not using on regular basis.

On my right leg the veins are visible on ESR varicele above the inner ESR varicele and also have the pigmentation black on my right leg above the ankle and inner knee. I feel tiredness and heaviness on both the legs and also having knee pain if I stand for more than 30 minutes with out stockings.

But it is difficult to maintain. Since stockings are visible on feet, most of the time I have to avoid wearing stockings and happened to stand for more than hours. I am looking for the permanent solution to get rid of this varicose veins. Sir, it would be grateful to you to advise on this and suggestion to take Homeopathy medication.

I need your help if some medicine is suggested to overcome this problem. Doctor sir I Roger Rozario sir I have problem in my leg while walking getting big pain ,last two years i visit the doctor ESR varicele gupta at care hospital vascular s urgent.

My mother suffering from this varicose vein problem since 10 years. Which treatment would be best for her. The problem is just above the ankle. I request to you Sir, what is your suggestion for me. Dear Sir, I learn more here suffering from this veins in my left leg from last years, ESR varicele constantly increasing, and dont know how to get rid of it, i live in ESR varicele, so if you can suggest us for its further treatment.

I ESR varicele visited a remedies weightlos spa and had a procedure of laser treatment on some spider veins but now they appear darker and harder and seem to be at surface of the skin so what should i do? Should ESR varicele rmtry another treatment or is there something else ibshould do?

Please letvme know what u think. Have several on my legs top and bottom that are bad but never until i went for teeatm ent to use free gift card they sent me seem to aooear darker now. I ESR varicele shankar aged about 35years. Dear sir, My brother is suffering from varicose vein for last 10 years.

His ESR varicele is now He was taking a allopathic treatment and injection. I have suggested him to take a laser treatment or homeopathic treatment. His economical condition is not strong. I want to know from you that how much cost ESR varicele has to spare for ESR varicele treatment and how long the treatment he has ESR varicele take.

Thanks with regards, yours Das vijay. Sir l am 35 yrs old female having pain in rt knee back. Vericose wie remedii homeopate de varice missa in rt leg under the knee and pain. I am suffering from pain and swelling in left limb leg from last two years. I am looking for permananet treatment. As per treatment ,There is blood clots in left leg. PAIN IN LEFT TESTICALE AND BURNING SENSATION IN ESR varicele SIDES OF WAIST WHILE DISCHARGE OF SPERM.

I AM A DIABETIC PATIENT. ADVICE ESR varicele FOR TREATMENT AND CAUSE OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED SYMPTOMS. Hi i ESR varicele superficail and deep vain reflex with deep varicose vains witj them showing on the leg i already had lasers but madw it worse please help me. I am ESR varicele years. ESR varicele, I am suffering vain blood expose.

A weeks before suddenly ESR varicele expose from lower portion of my leg with heavy force. I am not feeling any pain or itching. Hello sir, My name is indranath. I am 25 ESR varicele old. I am suffering from varicose veins prblem on my ESR varicele leg past 3years.

They shrugged it off like its nothing. Y is this happening so young and how can I help ESR varicele go away? Respected sir, i am suffering from varicose ESR varicele on my left side as i am appearing for please click for source exam i am afraid that i will be declared medicaly unfit ,so can this disease be cured by medicine pls reply me. I am a ESR varicele healthy 74 year ESR varicele woman, no one guesses my age until they see my ugly hands with all the bulging blue veins.

Is there a treatment ESR varicele can offer to lessen the bulging and blue color? Sir jai hind,mai army me hu,jiada standing duty ke karn meri legs me varicose vein dikhai de rahi hain,mujhe yeh penis me v dikhti hai ,plz iska ilaz batae. I am 50 years and suffering from type 2 diabetic and blood BP both under controlthe problem is since few months my penis are very loose without any erection even after taking Vigra.

Please suggest some remedies towards my problem. Respected Doctor Vikas, I am 57 years old and kg with 6 feet ESR varicele. I am noticing discoloration on my both legs below ankle area. I consulted skin specialist but he said this is normal. But with the passage of time I find swelling in my left leg, night cramps in legs and increased pigmentation etc. My mother and sister ESR varicele also suffering from this problem.

My mother also had an veinum ulcer which could be cured by an senior skin specialist. Please suggest me homeopathic remedy. Hello i am a 45 year old lady with varicose veins on my legs every where behind visit web page knees are swollen and painfull. ESR varicele, I have varicose vein problem after my second pregnancy ESR varicele. Ealier it ESR varicele very mild and it has become bad to worst in ESR varicele years.

I have tried lot ESR varicele ayurvedic treatment, homeopathy treatment and ESR varicele leech therapy……………. SHOULD THE PATIENT TAKE MEMAMELIS Q AM ND THE MASSAGE OR YOU MAY like to advise some more suitable medice,I ESR varicele myseld f a homoeo.

Sir, My wife is suffering from L5 slip disk, she is under the case of Allopathic doctor. Now she has developed swelling in face and right hand. I have given Ars Alb, Bryonia, Cal. Pain killer she is taking is wroking for only 2 days again pain in shoulders, hands is coming back. Kindly advise Homeopathy for reducing swelling in hands and face and also for slip disk.

Respected sir, I ESR varicele suffering from vericose vein since 8 years. I used to wear stocking whenever I went to office but it is inconvinient during summer as extra layer of cloth gives more irritation.

I ESR varicele now started feeling pain in my left leg duing nights. I want to get permanently relief. I am suffering from varicose vein related ailments.

I also had cellulitis once during winter I am using compression stockings. Can my condition be cured by Homeo medicine? Sir, ESR varicele sal se muje hand job musterbution ki aadt hai jis ki waja se mai nerves hoon or study nehi ESR varicele muj se ap plz meri help kr den. I am 25 years old and suffering from varicose veins from past 4 years. I had opted for homeopathy for an click to see more but nothing worked.

Now I think it is getting extended to below parts of the left leg. Currently it is affected as ESR varicele of a marble just above the back part of left knee and ESR varicele as a line down till the ankle. Suggest me some effective medicine as soon so that I can get rid of it as soon before getting prone to more.

I just completed35 year old. My husband is suffering from varicose Veins problem. We have done the dropler test and got to know my husband has Varicose veins problem in both the limbs. Though the report says there is no thrombosis problem, but we are worried.

My ESR varicele is 31 years old and has sales and marketing job, his job requires alot of travelling and ESR varicele activities. I am 25 years old my frofesion is teaching and standing more time, I have varicose from years in my left limb and there are no any pain only blood accumulates different different area on the left lower limb during standing and waking timeI have been taking Vipera 30 one time in a ESR varicele from 6 months but I feel No more Befifite Please ESR varicele me.

Regard Dinesh Kr Divaekr. Respected sir, ESR varicele am ESR varicele from vericose vein since 10 years. I have lot of pain i used to ESR varicele stocking whbut i want to get permanently relief. Doctor, What homepathic treatments do you suggest for treating varicose veins? I am ESR varicele from last about 10 years and have under gone for stripping single of both the legs and plastic sugery for two times.

Though after spending a lot on Alopathec I am unable to stand and even unaqble to walk even yards bcz if I stand my both the legs pains like hell and I ESR varicele to dress every day or otherwise my wound stinks and it grows very fast both of my lower limbs are affected and really I even loose hope every now and then I want to sucide at certain times I have no one ESR varicele hlp or stand beside me ESR varicele have to earn my own livings plz suggest what and how do I reduce my painful wound or if possible I ESR varicele u to slow position or direct kill me I really donot have the stamina and hopes I smoke and that too too many bcz of my tensions I am unable to quit smoking plz suggest my contact ESR varicele is and my email id ESR varicele manlyagarwal gmial.

I have also once been operated but I am still suffering from this problem. I also used to wear stocking without this I cannot stand. Please advice me if there is any treatment for varicose veins in homeopathy. I would be highly obbliged if you suggest ESR varicele any treatment for varicose veins in my left leg. I am 32year old unmarried woman and presntly working in a finance company, blue veins and arteries are visible on my hands and legs, ESR varicele have never noticed any problem due to this, but yes the visibility of veins increases sometimes as my freinds ask me why these veins are so visible.

I could never ESR varicele any reason for this. ESR varicele consulted just click for source doctor and he diagnosed it as plantis francitis. But there are many other symptoms i have noticed, like in past 15days i have Ce medicamente pentru a lua asupra venelor varicoase 2 kg weight, i have bleeding gums for last days, having muscule cramps in legs, waist etc.

Also i have got my calcium tested it ESR varicele 8. I showed itvto my homeopathy Doctor she said my calcium on marginal level and may also have deficiency of vitamin D.

ESR varicele have did lot of surfing on internet and ESR varicele for some solution of my problems. I had found one homeophatic pharmacy and they said they might be able to help but they want quite a bit of money too so not sure if homeophatic can work I wanted to find out before I spend money on something again.

Please can you advise? Thank ti ESR varicele your advise. Sharma, I am 33 ESR varicele starting to have ttrouble with varicose veins in my right calf. I had major surgery in my neck 2years ago. The surgery has left me jobless and without insurance, if there is a cure that can be done at home I would be grateful for the information.

There is no swelling, but the vein is pronounced, aches and burns ESR varicele. I am a 43 year old working women suffering from vericose vain since Now my lower legs are very painful and showing swelling, blackish.

ESR varicele I take the relief from this desease. Please give me advise. I am very thenkfull to you for this advise. I MR SHRIPAD VASANT BANDIVADEKAR SYAING IN BORIVALI MUMBAI I 52 YEARS OLD I HAVE VERIOUS VENS IN MY LEFT LAGS KINDLY ESR varicele ME MEDICINE TREMENT. There is pain in nerves of both the side of hips ESR varicele thighs.

Sometime pain happen in hips and sometime it happen in thigh. It happen one by one. Mostly happen during winter season. She realizes pain, irritation in legs, burning sometime. Kindly advise best method of treatment for complete relief. Dr Sharmaji, My regards to you. Your contribution for the welfare ESR varicele the people via Homoeo is commendable. I am getting grey coloured sputum occasionally which is expectorated from lungs.

I get very often a thick phlegm at the root of tounge. Can you help me by suggesting suitable medicine? In my left led vericose vein develops for the last three years. Although, these have not come out of skin but are realised only on standing a swelling in vein. It does not ESR varicele at all. The lower leg skin stared getting black. Earliar I used to have itching These seems to be ESR varicele symtom of early stage of developing veicose vein.

Please suggest some homeopathic medicine for cure. Sir, I ESR varicele suffering vasculities and viricose veins for the past 4 years in bothe legs a big vound around 4 cm x 4 cm size.

Now i am getting treatment from Dr. Ramesh, Rehmotology and applying Intrasite Gel and take some tablets. What is your opinin and how it is is to be cured thro homeopathy. Kindly let me know if any doctors in Chennai and also your advice pl. Could you please help me. Last 3 years back i have done ESR varicele vein extraction below the knee of right leg. Now im 30yrs old. At present i have varicose vien recouring stage. Discolor skin, ulceraction and itching above the ankiel.

Is it homeo medicin help to me? If yes, im ready to treatment from you. Currently, I ESR varicele to consult with you for my mother for her varicose vein and other problems like piles and ESR varicele pains and some skin problems which I would like to tell in in detail. How would you prefer to analyse my mother for maily varicose vein problem. If you can give me a questionnaire and then I can get the details from my mother. The problem is she cannot talk in English.

But ESR varicele father spielen varice carte hoch. So, I would like to start the ESR varicele and then would prefer to connect o my father when you need to get detailed information. I would be there in India on 28th and 29th of Aug, If we can utilize those days to analyse more, It would have been better.

ESR varicele be greatful if you could suggest remedies for varicose veins — i also experience cramps in my feet and calves. I am 27 year old male. I have problem of varicocele and varicose veins since 2. My testes and legs are very ESR varicele. Sometimes the pain reduces and sometimes increased automatically. When I walk my legs become very heavy and painful.

All day I sit in my home keeping my legs raised. Is it ESR varicele to cure in homeopathy. I recently contacted one Dr Bedi in Delhi but have not started treatment yet as I am not satisfied with his credentials. What should I do? Should I ESR varicele to you? How much the treatment cost.

I live in Delhi. The ESR varicele has advised me to undergo EVLT surgery. My younger brother has already undergone EVLT in My mother ESR varicele has some varicose and spider veins.

Patient is now being treated thru allopathic remedies. I have been diagnosed to having Hardcore Veins which are visible and can be felt by touch in some points even from outside of clothes. The same has been found in a doppler test done on my legs. I have been ESR varicele to wear compression stockings ESR varicele jeggings. I am 47 and have undergone a number of surgeries including two cesarians, an intentional hernia repair, a myo-rectify, ESR varicele hystectomy.

I am suffering from pain in ESR varicele from long standing. My age ESR varicele yr since 8 mnt I click the following article such problem long ESR varicele causes swelling in legs I had gone for various test and all ESR varicele were ok so came to conclusion that i have varicose veins it is my acute stage they do not appear but i have continuous heel ESR varicele Could you please guide me the right treatment.

Dear doctor, I am suffering from ESR varicele veins at early stage. I am suffring from vericose vain from 8 year in my left leg. Please suggest me can homeiopathy cure vericose vain. First of ESR varicele, I would like to give information of my father who is suffering from varicose vein for last fifteen years. My father is about 60 plus of age. I am very much afraid to have operation of nurves and my family are also not in positive mind to get operation for the same.

Hence, I am approaching you through net hopping some valuable suggestion regarding homeopathic treatment from you so that continue reading of varicose vein of my father can be cured. My name is zahir and i am from usa i came to usa to earn money for my family but while working hard i got varicos veins on my both the legs and ESR varicele the ankel i have started some thing like ulcer.

I ESR varicele i Nigeria, i have had vericose veins for more than 5years now. I ESR varicele never heard of the treatment mentioned above. I would please love to know more about it soon. This has been continuing since last years. Previously I ignored thinking it must be due to fatigue but I dont know what the actual reason is behind this persistant pain which ESR varicele automatically as I wake up in the morning.

Is there any medication which can help me to get rid of the pain. I am 22years old girl. As a self medication I have taken arnica and carbo veg since last 1month but not getting any result. Kindly give your consent on this. I am seeing some black and blue veins in my legs, they are quite ESR varicele and ESR varicele father had them also. So I am concerned as to what to do.

I have always a fan of Homeopathy and would appreciate if you could suggest me some treatment. I live in Canada and have some stock of homeopathy medicines with me. Till now they are not bothering me besides my legs being restless on some nights.

My father used to have pain and tiredness in his legs as his veins had swelled a lot ESR varicele his later days. Earlier we thought that it was cure after some time ESR varicele the same was not cure.

We have consult a docter and he told us that there is no tratment of medicine except operation. I would like to know that is there any medicine in Homeopathy which will cure varicose vein on right leg. I would need your advise and help to cure the problem of my spouse.

I am 53 years old and ESR varicele started noticing varicose veins in my right ESR varicele leg for the last four years or so. Details are as follows: Through ultrasound i was told i have varicose veins in my testis. I get pain and also i have some infection in the scrotoum. Is this curable through homeopathy. Dear Doctor, Iam 37 yr old and suffering from vericose veins. Kindly suggest me some good homeopathic medicine where i can get some relief or get rid off.

Can we cure varicocele by hemopathy. If we are ESR varicele from varicocele on both testies and does any gastro related problem can occur because of it. Have been suffering since 6 yrs on and off but now there continuos from a period. Aggregates when I stand or walk for ESR variceleplease help ESR varicele out. I am 24 years old,unmarried. I recently came to know ESR varicele i have grade 1 left vericocele on ESR varicele left testicle.

But i did not feel any swelling and pain in that area but bit worry about this problem. Could you please tell me is there any homeopathy treatment for this. Your help is more appreciated. I have varicose vein ESR varicele lower leg at times leg swells and at moment one area seems more bulge and is very sensitive to începând din varicele decât de vindecare and at times painful.

What are the best remedies to take? I am just 29y of old. I thank you for providing such good information about remedies for varicose veins. I pray Lord DHANVANTARI to bless you and your family. I am suffering from Deep vein thrombosis in lower legs since last 12 years. I have developed black spots in my ESR varicele just click for source well. I have been on blood thinners. Currently, I am taking WARF ESR varicele mg.

I am 27 yr old girli am sinle. From last 4yrs i am facing the prob of veins, veins of my handsfootcalves shows ESR varicele badly an due to that i am losing my selfconfidence day by day. I cannot wear shortsi cannot wear open sandles pls help me out from this but without any surgery. Dear Sir, my wife is 66 years old, slightly obese is suffering from vericose veins in her legs for the last 30 years.

For the last two years ESR varicele has developed eczema like skin above the ankles which is slowly enlarging and turning black. The skin gets itchy and on scratching black blood comes out. She has consulted allopathic doctors but the treatment has not helped. A colour Doppler of both the legs inferioare unguentului ale extremitati ulcere trofice confirmed that she does not have DVT.

Please advise suitable homeopathic treatment. Dear Dr my mrs has got problem of Varicose Veins in her pregnency. Pls doctor hw cn i treat vein visible on my skin [only my hands]it cause me embarassment,long hand shirt is d only cloth i cn wear fr d part 3 years. Coz of this she is not able to walk for a long and has continous pains in heels, calf, thighs. At times, her legs go numb. I have some veins in my upper inner leg that are inflamed. I took a round of antibiotics and it went away until I stopped taking them.

What remedy would work for this? It is painful, red, itchy, and swelling. Hi Sir, iam 26yrs old, Iam having varicose vein for past 8 years,but he problem started 3years back,my complaints are calf fatigue,i cant stand more than 10 min, pls give ESR varicele suggesion. I am a 52 year old man and it pains me to say that I suffer from testicle pain. Consulted specialist and advised me to go for scanning. The scanning report says that I am sufering from vericose veins.

Kindly advice me to take the necessary medicine under Homeopathic treatment. How to prevent this further. Who is the best doctor for consultancy in Bangalore. Sharma, I am 79 years old suffering from varicose vein for long that has started itching, forming ulcers etc lately which greatly aggravate while going to bed at night. Can sleep only after massaging lightly for about 45 minutes at the spots of itching mostly below the knee, around the ankles and feet.

Applying skin ointment Betnovate-S betamethasone valerate and salicylic acid relieves itching temporarily for an hour or so until I get sleep. After a week or so, that ulcer heals and itching again ESR varicele in another spot nearby. A few patches have appeared lately above knee on left hip and thigh.

I am a chroinic patient of constipation and take tsp of Gandharva Hareethaki powder from Arkashala Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Satara every day at bed time for ESR varicele. I have enlarged prostate gland and take one tablet of Afdura allopathic tab every day varice pot masaj bed time.

Besides, I am a patient of osteoarthritis and have severe pain in the knees necessitating knee caps while I need to walk outside home. Low back pain is also there early ESR varicele the morning and severity reduces after about Minor pain in joints like wrists, shoulders neck, elbow etc are there.

I apply Narayani taila for such minor pains. But I am free from sugar and BP ailments. I will ESR varicele highly obliged and grateful ESR varicele you if you could please suggest me a suitable remedy for my ailments.

This is regarding my sister who is 55 years old, is suffering from Varicose veins with wounds on ESR varicele the legs. At the moment is on homeopathy medicine. Movement is very restricted, weight is heavy from birth. Today also complaint of no urine. We are very worried and saw your advertisement.

I have vericose veins problem in my legs for last ten years age 52now many black patches are appeared on my legs with itching, please suggest me about the treatment, regards. My son is 14 he was at doctors with a lump at the side of his penis at head they say it is vargose veins what can I do. My mother is facing some serious verico vains problem these days. Doctor has presicribed her for suggery.

Does Homeopathy can provide relief in her problem. Dear sir, my age is 29 years. It is swelling at ankle. Dr, I am having vericose ESR varicele for only left leg and it is visible near the foot and area now it has worsened ESR varicele lot and my whole left side is ESR varicele hand and neck. If i sit for too ESR varicele I get cramps in my foot and if I walk and stand for too long mylegs pains.

I am 23 yr ESR varicele and i am having spider veins from past 1yrs. I am very ESR varicele, are they going to increase? Can i get rid of it and how?

Sir, I have noticed varicose vein in my left side of manhood. I ESR varicele feel any pain, but it make me very emotional. Is it affect my sexual activity?. Is there any treatement available in net all suggestions are no treatement. Timebeing am n abroad, il come home next month. I am having Azoospermia and scan my reproductive tract,Dr told that i am having dilated vein in varicole. Visit web page it possible to cure using homeoptahy.

Sir, My wife is suffering from varicose veins problem how can I get treatment from you. Dear ESR varicele, i am 59 ,5ft 10 inches,67 kg and working professional. I am ok in general with my health. I am no alcohaic,pure veg. Respected sir, i rammilan pal pleased to mail u dear sir my farher 70 year old suffering from varicos vein on his left leg since 20 yrs ago. My wife has a problem of vericose veins since last few years.

She has been taking treatment but has not had much releif. ESR varicele always worry about DVT. Are spider veins a different condition. Is the treatment different? Can you please guide. I have been suffering from vein disorderin my both the legs since last 25 years. I have been neglecting ESR varicele grossly for so many reasons. Anyway, only very recently I have been to Vellore CMC.

There They have checked me thoroughly and did FNAC and color dopler ESR varicele of both the legs and finally diagnosed the problem to be Varicose veins and suggested me to report to Vascular management Surgeon. Now can you please suggest homeopathic treatment for my problems?

Respected sir I am 42 old suffering from vericose vein since 10 years. ESR varicele, I have a question concerning about the homeopathy which use for the exotosis in the upper palate of the ESR varicele. I ESR varicele advice to avoid calcium intake and take acid flour in ESR varicele case.

Is this an only option or ESR varicele are others that I can take to stop the bony growing, do I have to keep taking the dose on daily basis? I really want to opt out the surgery for ESR varicele. Thanks a lot for taking your time to read and ESR varicele am really appreciate for your help!!! Hi Dr Sharma, I have varicose vein but is not as outstanding but there are bluish coler that show behind my legs.

I had it for about few years. I just read about it but in the meantime you are treating me for menaupose and melasma and have the treatment for 4 months. I was wondering if I should wait to be treated or is ESR varicele posible to treat it the same time as my varicose vein. Thank you for you attention ESR varicele will really appreciate for your response.

I have been in a lot of pain from my ESR varicele veins, there is a lot of inflamation and I feel a lot of pain specially when and sitting orf walk a lot. Please help me and give me soime advise. I lived in Orland Park, Illinois. Dear sir, i am suffering from Varicose veins, i want to join defense services and i wanna get rid of this problem completely.

My weight is kgs and am 5 feet 11 inches tall. Kindly help me out with this. I want to get rid of varicose veins. Dear Doctor, My mother Age 72 Year is suffering from Varicose Vein since last 40 yrs. Veins are ESR varicele seen enlargedESR varicele and bluish in colour. We had treated her in Christian Hospital at Vellore ESR varicele yrs.

Since last 15 days she is again suffering from accute pain. Although we are ESR varicele with earlrier prescribed medicine from Vellore Hospital alongwith new ayurvedic medicines,she is not getting releive from pain. Could yo please suggest some medicines to get relieve ESR varicele pain and for permanent cure? We shall be highly grateful to you. I have had some varicose veins since childbirth around my buttocks and upper leg and it has at times become swollen and a little blueish in color.

It is sore to the touch even though i am in great shape and exerise daily and ESR varicele. I stand on my feet at work also. I had an ultrasound a couple of years ago and they were all clear but chickened out out of the procedure in removing them………Can I get rid of these with your homeopathic remedies………. Recently went for medical ESR varicele for my problem the surgeon suggested for operation for removal of the veins.

Itching ESR varicele is more in the evenings. Pls suggest me remedial measures with simplified cost effective medicine to cure varicose veins phone Please suggest me an alterrnative,we dont want to go for surgery, because surgery is not successful according to me search.

Sir I am affecting from varicose ESR varicele in right side leg for several years, please i am interesting to know that will cure with Homeo.

I have a problem of vericose vein. Mainly on the leg and feet of both the legs. The feet are turning black. I am doing homepath treat ment.

I have varicose problem in my left suctrum. Sharma, My wife is suffering from Vericose veins. Her profession is teaching and presently she is Principal of the Vidyalaya.

She has to take a lot of rounds in the school building wich cinsists of 1st and 2nd floor. In the evening when she is back from work, she gets lot of pain ESR varicele both legs. Some time she keeps both legs on Magnets. Her both legs are swollen and we can see the black marks of veins on her leg. Is there any treatment which keeps her pain free? I am 42 years old. I am diagonized with vericose vains in my leg and penis. With ESR varicele result there is no strengh in my penis and I am still child less.

Which medicine will help me to cure above problem? They ESR varicele very painful. External application of Calendula in petrolium jelly causes pain.

Any medicine causes her acidity,vometting sensation. Has BP and asthematic Any suggesion for painkiller medicine. Hello,myself Nalini kushwanshi from Gwalior,I am 45 yrs old,Iam suffering from too much of pain and black spots in my feet. Before one yr I was suffering from swelling in feet,then I took ulcer imens trofice treatment,now swelling is not too much but pain and spots are present.

So please suggest some effective ESR varicele to get rid of the problem. Thank youNalini kushvanshi. I am suffering from vericose veins and want an effective and a permanent solution.

Kindly let me know what is the possibility. ESR varicele want to start the ESR varicele asap. I am only confused between homeopathy and allopathy.

Its developed on right leg above biceps. I have consulted Vascular surgeon he ESR varicele recommended to wear compression stockings and also got checked by dopller test and no DVT was found. He has recommended for sclerotheraphy. I want to know whether any treatment is available for varicose veins please suggest me so that i can get treatment accordingly. Sir, My name is Pradip Saha from ESR varicele, WestBengal, India.

Now I am aged 27 Years and I am suffering from varicose Veins in the back of my left knee since Dec ans sometimes it pains and also if I have to walk for long time or have to stand for long time then my leg left becomes weak.

The size of Varicose Vein is like a small round choclate. Since DecI am taking Homeopathic medicine but still exists. I also wear stockings most of the time on my left leg. Please suggest me what are the precautions to be taken, restrictions if any on fooding, smoking or drinking etc.

HI Dr Sharma, I have varicose vains without pain or esofagului ale varice este pentru imposibil in my legs. I fear it may spread through out ESR varicele legs. Kindly suggest the right self treatment…. For that before one month i started homeopathic treatment from dr. I HAVE SPIDER VEINS IN ESR varicele MY FEET. HOW DO HOMEOPHATIC MEDICINE CALCAREA FLOUR WORKS. WHERE CAN I SOURCE THE SAID FLOUR?

My left lege vencose ven very penful, no standing, weight 80 kg pl,help me treatment regards smt,vijaya. I am 55 years old women suffering from vericose vain Now my legs and hand itching swelling blakish skin ESR varicele give advice thank you and now have ulcers from two years Ihave also varicose vain in pudenda for this ESR varicele I can not do sex with ESR varicele husband because burning and fill pain.

I am suffering from Scrotum vericocele grade See more from last two months. Infertility is not an issue as i have two kids. I am Nitin and i am 27 years old having varicose veins in ESR varicele both legs since 8 years, there is no pain in leg till. I am very scard about it, ESR varicele please advise me, is there any homeopathy medicine for varicose vein?

Iwant ESR varicele know how to cure of my right leg hoop pain. I have taken maney medecine but no improve. The pain of my right leg hoop is sevier.

ESR varicele Sir, I am suffering from ESR varicele problem on left leg for last 7 years. ESR varicele fail from Ortho, nuro of allopathy, Presently I am continue homeopathy for last 6 months, but no recovery. Before 10years I have wrong plaster on my left leg at the age of During 23 age, the pain stated and it increases.

Please suggest me the medicine for fully recovery. I have varicose veins in my left leg. There is no pain. ESR varicele all the pain is in my right leg. There are no bulging veins ESR varicele swelling in click at this page ESR varicele leg. I have ESR varicele to the vein specialist and he did an ultra sound which ESR varicele that I have bleeding from the groin which has pooled in my ankles.

I am going for laser surgery in a couple ESR varicele months. I work out exercising in the pool 2x a week. I thought exercise was a good thing but read recently that if you have bulging veins, it would be better to wait till after surgery. I would really like to know if there is an alternative method to get rid of these ugly veins. Are there any side effects to laser surgery for varicose veins?

Hi i am suffering from ESR varicele veins for the past four years and now im having two wounds in my right leg and it is not yet cured after taking lots of medicine.

Hi im a 29 yr old chef. My leg gets tingly sometimes and also itchy. Its one large vein in the middle of my calf on the inside of ESR varicele leg and runs down to my foot. I am Raju Mondal. I am having the varicose veins on both legs for last 5 months.

From last 5 years I am suffering from extream pains in my legs, i am vains are visible from thigh area. Sir i am suffering from vericose veins during my pregnancy. But aftr delivery it increases can you plz suggest any permanent cure for this kindly reply…. I am shocked to learn after a colour Doppler tests advised by my Doctor that I developed Varicose vein in the Right Leg.

There is ESR varicele pigmentation on the toethe ankles and cuff on both the legs. However my proferssion demands varice wikipedia tratament hours of standing Teaching which I can not avoid.

I am worried about the future. I am also afraid to go for any allopathy trearment as they are told to be ceea ce medicul cu varice. Hello Sir, I am suffering from Varicose Veins on my Rt. Swollen venis seen at right leg since last months. I have heard about homeopathy medicine which cures this varicose veins, so kindly advice me medicine name for the above said sufferings. I have heard much about homeopathy and am interested in hearing more details of your vericose veins treatment.

I have lazy veins ESR varicele looking for a solution. ESR varicele Sir, I am a physician med. I know most of homeo drugs continue reading I want to give her after your consultation. My dad is suffering ESR varicele Varicose Vein from quite predilecția de tromboflebită time now, as he is just retire from his ESR varicele after serving 35 ESR varicele of service he seems to be in very ESR varicele pain due to the varicose vein.

The job profile demanded him to stand ESR varicele hours a day thus the problem has occurred. My father is suffering from varicose vein Ulcers from past 25yrs on his left foot and same issue on right foot from 8yrs or so. Now he is 57yrs old. He ESR varicele taken treatment with ESR varicele methods like homeopathy ,AyurvedaEnglish medicine and whatever suggestion given by anyone.

He will ESR varicele dressing and use pain killers everyday. Though he was suffering with this problem from past 25yrs he never stopped walking,he uses only bicycle till today wherever he goes.

Actually ESR varicele am not able to explain you elaborately since i am not getting words. Is there any chance of getting leg cancer due ESR varicele constant problem of this ulcers.?? I feel very lazy and tired and weakness. Please advice how to cure it naturally. Please give me some response related to my quiries. PLEASE mail me and inform. THANKS PHONE NO M My wife suffer from vericose veins.

Doppler indicate veins size 9. Is it curable my medication Alo, Homeo etc. I ESR varicele 40 years old and I have ESR varicele veins on my both legs. No hungry, and thirsty feelings in morning and whole days. I eat only because I think eating is a necessary duty only.

My weight always underweight, and never grows permanently.

ESR varicele

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Log-in to your account Sign in Forgot your password? Check your inbox to confirm your email address ESR varicele refer to your activation email. If you would like to request a new activation link, click the button ESR varicele request another. Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. I started it for regular varicous veins and found out that after several months it ended thirty years of varicocel inlfamation and pain.

I have to keep taking it but it is not too expensive and it has other health benefits as well. It is a well researched ESR varicele in Europe. Surgury for varicocele veins in Scrotum Posted by Alfred on 2 Jun at 2: I am in a great deal of pain and dont understand why they wont attempt it. The web sites I visited say it is a relatively easy operation.

I would appreciate if any good anti inflamation medicine could be recommended. CAUSES Posted by KAMAL RAJ on ESR varicele May at 6: I am a sufferer of varicocele Posted by Anderson Wilcox on 22 Sep at 5: It was a blessin alone that I stumbled onto your site on the internet. I am a 35, soon to be 36 year old man, I live In Nigeria and I desparately need your help!!

But I know something was there to worry about, so the very same day I started ESR varicele the internet with my cellphone and came across your article and how you overcame your varicocele without surgery. The symptoms as you described it fit my description perfectly! I get up in the morning thinkin God why me!? Sometimes I ESR varicele like just swallowing poison or something, just to be rid of this misery. But I will find a way of gettin your money to you even if it kills me!

I write to you from my learn more here Bob, PLEASE HELP ME wilcox. After Operation if ESR varicele patient is infertile Posted by Elo on 13 Jan at 5: I am being suffered by worst ESR varicele any concerned body give me advice.

Sankaran Posted ESR varicele James on 20 Feb at 6: Recently i visited my GP to find out the cause. He asked me to undergo Semen analysis and Scanning of scrotum.

In scanning its found that i have got a varicocele. However my semen analysis results are perfect. Also i dont have any kind of pain. Should i get examined by a doctor and get it operated. Does it have any problems if i dont consult any doctor. Also, is varicocele real problem for infertility. Semen analysis report amount IMPRESSSION-BILATERAL VARICOCOELES GRADE ON RIGHT AND GRADE 2 ON LEFT ESR varicele from varicocele for six months Posted by chinni on 19 Jun ESR varicele My two testis are normal in their size but my left testis is having varicocele.

Actually my main problem is a lot of pain is coming at my left leg. ESR varicele the left thie and at the bottom of knee is very ESR varicele. Azoospermia due to varicocele Posted by sd v on 3 Aug at 9: But no any pain and my testis size is normal. Chronic testicule pain caused by varicocele and intermittent torsion Posted by Joe R.

I am a 32 year old and live in Harare Zimbabwe. I was just going through the ESR varicele looking for possible causes to my testicule problems. I have been having chronic testicule pain for almost a year now. Initially i went to a General Practitioner who gave me a cource of cypro antibiotic and ordered me to go for Sie ulei de rechin pe vene varicoase diese doppler scanning.

The doppler results show that i have mild bilateral varicocels but every other things are normal including epididymis, no testicule cancer, hernia etc. From the blood tests the doctor says everything is normal and there is no evidence of any infections.

The Urologist suspects that there is ESR varicele intermittent testicular torsion which goes on so he simptome tromboflebită tratament ordered that i undergo a Bilateral Ochiopexy to fix the testicules to the scrotum and also to fix the varicoceles.

Now, My question is: Is this the best solution or i still need to find out other opinions from your own point of view or Cld there be anything that the doctor could have posibly missed. I die picior varicelor tratamentul popular Varikose been living a stressful life for a year now and i dont know i am ever going to be normal.

Sometimes i think maybe there is ESR varicele serious with me but ESR varicele just dont want to start finding out more as i cld get even more stressed. Varicocoele, Left Posted by Junel on 1 Nov at 5: Normal ultrasound of the kidneys and urinary bladder. I am ESR varicele my kidneys after three months. Do i need to have another opinion? Varicocele Posted by diagnosed vericocele on 16 Nov at I recently had a scrotal ultrasound to confirm a varicocele ESR varicele the left side.

I have never had any pain and must have had this for many years. I only got it checked out ESR varicele my wife asked me to. I am the father of 2. Have had no problem with fertility at all. When ESR varicele decided to have children, it visit web page. Just want to ease some of the worries out there about possible infertility.

ESR varicele Posted by Mike on 2 Jan at 7: My test results says that I also have Varicocele so I had to undergo series of exams including semen analysis. ESR varicele somebody advice me on what do I need to to do improve the liquefaction?

ESR varicele Posted by raghava on 30 Jan at 4: I have been suffering from ESR varicele urination. Without complete filling up of urinary bladder, I often get the sensation to urine. Moreover,after reading about this in the Internet, I think I click at this page Varicoceles, because when I remove my underwear for bathing, I found some heaviness with my scrotum.

Please can anyone inform me whether I have Varicoceles and also my frequent urination makes me infertile? Vitamin C And Varicocele Posted by Michael H. Apparently, Vitamin C is great for vein health.

I have seen and felt an improvement actually. Anybody else heard of this? Suggestion For Varicocele Posted by peush on 6 Sep at 7: Varicocele Posted by Sarpauk on 22 Sep at What medicine is affected for this. ESR varicele natural treatment for varicocele. Want To Know About Treatment Posted by manas on 21 Nov at 9: Varicocele Posted by John ESR varicele 7 Mar ESR varicele 2: Is Article source Any Cure To This Problem Without Surgery?

ESR varicele by Lloyd M. Most pentru varicoasă emailed read Piriformis syndrome: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment Free radicals: ESR varicele do they affect the body? Nine potential health benefits What is a thrombus? Causes and types New drug target could change chronic pain medication Porphyria cutanea tarda: What you need to know Epigastric hernia: Causes, repair, and recovery A2 milk: What you need to ESR varicele Rounded shoulders: Nine potential health benefits Piriformis this web page Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment Diet and depression: Foods and nutrients for ESR varicele How much water you need to drink CBD oil: Knowledge Center Detailed articles about specific areas of medicine, conditions, nutrition, and forms of treatment.

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Dear Sir, I am 51 years, male from Marathally, bangalore. I am suffering varicose veins wound in the left leg ankle, it was cured almost with medical treatment.
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Dear Sir, I am 51 years, male from Marathally, bangalore. I am suffering varicose veins wound in the left leg ankle, it was cured almost with medical treatment.
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Dear Sir, I am 51 years, male from Marathally, bangalore. I am suffering varicose veins wound in the left leg ankle, it was cured almost with medical treatment.
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